Tuesday 9 June 2020

COVID-19 (pandemic) : A Look into the Mirror - by Jasper Trips, New Delhi.

Jasper Trips remain confident in the power of adaptation & of our collective ability to come out stronger. Having said that, 
Learning from history, individuals are slaves to habit and, once things stabilize (we can only hope & pray it will), they get back to their comfort zones.

A new normal is never developed due to fear, but mostly driven out of necessity or rapid technological advancements. We not losing sight of the dangers we still face from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but writing obituaries for the pre-Corona world seems very impulsive. 

The new generation, brought up on Instagram and Facebook diet, is fuelled by ambition as well as liberation, albeit with a touch of arrogant ignorance. For this generation, which has defined the social network, being unsocial is a retrograde step and quite improbable.

Apocalyptic prophecies have been made for industries in the hospitality, tourism, transport, leisure, malls, theater segments. Such predictions are easier when we are gripped by distress, and mass hysteria reigns.

For once, the fears of the virus, social distancing norms and strict lock down pedagogy on personal hygiene were thrown to the wind along with the caution, as serpentine lines extended for miles in some cities. The spectacle, which is constant across small towns and through days, is not unique to India.

The predictions or fears made for these sectors will not last long if we can think positive thoughts. People will never stop traveling. But yes, we also need to change our thinking. If you don't taste something new in life, you won't get the fun of survival.

And moments like this, reminds us we are all connected. Despite the many difficulties we all face, we would like to assure you that Jasper Trips remains fully committed to do everything in these difiicult time.

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Monday 14 May 2018

TOP 8 International Destination within Rs. 50,000/person with Return Air !!


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. INR 18,000 onwards.

Stay: Lately, Vietnam is being flooded with Indian Tourists due to its Hidden Culture and Quaint Cities. A a decent hotel for a single room ranges from INR 2000 onwards per night. 

Places to Eat: One must try traditional Vietnamese food like Nem Raan or Cha Gio (Fried Spring rolls) and Cha Ca (Grilled minced fish). Cha Ca Street and Nguyen Truong street in Hanoi are popular for budget meals.

Places To Visit: Save time and money - take a short Yacht or boat cruise in Vietnam besides obvious indulgences like local market tours, island tours and wildlife tours. Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city - A Must Visit!!

Suggested Duration:  5 Nights and 6 Days 

Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 50,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php


Air Tickets: 
Ex Kolkata - Rs. 16,000
Ex Delhi - Rs. 20,000
Any Domestic Return Flight to Bagdogra Airport to Travel Via Road - Rs. 10,000 Onwards

Stay: Any 2/3 Star Properties are Bhutan are clean, Neat & Decent.
Places to Eat: Breakfast is recommended in the hotel itself. You can have dinner too in the hotel. Have your Lunch in any Local Restaurant. Ask the Driver, he can/will assist you. (Food are SPICY).
Places To Visit: Must visits in Bhutan include Paro, Thimphu, & Punakha (Memorial Chorten, Dochula Pass, Excursion to Gangtey, Punakha Dzong, Tiger Nest Trek, Chele La Pass if time permits are MUST)
Ideal Suggested Duration:  6 Nights and 7 Days 

Travel Calculation: 


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. . INR 12,000 onwards.

Stay: After the Massive Earthquake, Nepal is still recovering and that being the reason the Rates for Hotels in Nepal has gone down dramatically. 

Places to Eat: There are many many local restaurants that serves great food (Veg + Non Veg)

Places To Visit: Must Visits include Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Pokhara while popular things to do: visit to Bindabasini Temple, Old bazaar of Pokhara

Suggested Duration:  6 Nights and 7 Days
Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 30,000 INR 35,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. . INR 15,000 onwards.

Stay: Being the Tourist capital of the World where maximum revenue are generated by tourism - it makes sense that Thailand has endless staying options that are quite cheap!!

Places to Eat: Thailand is famous for street Food but make sure to control or else you would end up in your hotel. 

Places To Visit: Cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket is a good option to explore the culture of Thailand with Scenic Beauty. Coral Island, Buddha Temple, Bangkok City Tour to name a few Finest Sightseeing options. 

Suggested Duration:  6 Nights and 7 Days 

Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 30,000 INR 35,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. . INR 18,000 onwards.

Stay: A Country where you would feel Rich during your stay. The cost effective hotels are available easily mainly in Kuta region of Bali.

Places to Eat: Endless Food Corners and Delicious Meals. Try Sea Side Restaurant.  

Places To Visit: City Tour, Ubud, Kintamani, Water Sports, Sunset Cruise are few Must. 

Suggested Duration:  5 Nights and 6 Days 

Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 50,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. . INR 18,000 onwards.

Stay: As Colorful as Singapore is - there are many options to stay, you can easily get any 3 Star Property within Rs. 3,000/Night for Family. 

Places to Eat: Hawker Centre, Chinatown Food Centre are few Joints/Centres which you can explore. Almost 75% Restaurants serves Indian Meals. So Food will never be an issue.

Places To Visit: Universal Studio, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Standard Package with return transfer (1 way Cable Car, Tiger Sky Tower, Sky & Luge Ride-2way, Wings Of Time-2nd show),Panoramic City Orientation of Singapore

Suggested Duration:  5 Nights and 6 Days 

Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 50,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. INR 25,000 onwards.

Stay: Cambodia is a cheap Travel Destination and thus ideal for Backpackers.

Places to Eat: Cambodian food far cheaper and always quite good.

Places To Visit: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Otres beach and Kampot.

Suggested Duration:  5 Nights and 6 Days.

Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 45,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php


Air Tickets: The round trip from any Major Indian City will cost you Rs. INR 20,000 onwards. But From Chennai Rs. 10,000 onwards.

Stay: Go for Sea View Hotel in Kandy. Colombo is the Capital with many hotel options which are not expensive. 

Places to Eat: Ceylon Tea Moments in Colombo is one of the top choices which offers a huge menu within the range of INR 100-500; A classic Sri Lankan meal of fish curry in local markets can cost you less than INR 100.

Places To Visit: Colombo, Kandy and Bentota. Temple of tooth Relic, Seetha Eliya garden and temple from famous Ramayana, Visit Odel, Majestic city etc for shopping.

Suggested Duration: 4 Nights and 5 Days 

Travel Calculation: Approx. INR 45,000

Inquire Now, Click - http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact-us.php

Thursday 22 February 2018

Economical Ways to Explore Bhutan (Specially for Travellers from Maharastra, Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh)

Fixed Budget - Want to explore Bhutan in an Economical Way ?

Kindly Read Carefully:-

Step 1: Book a Flight to Bagdogra (IXB) Airport or Book a Train to NJP Station from your Origin City.

Step 2: To cover all major cities (Phuntsholing, Thimphu, Punakha & Paro) - Minimum 6 Nights & 7 Days are required.

Step 3: We, Jasper Trips are the DMC for Bhutan and have our offices in Phuntsholing & Thimphu in order to offer you unmatched service, so contact us. Visit: http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact%20us.html

Why via Road and not Direct Flight ??
  • All the flights from Delhi/Kolkata to Paro (Bhutan) are in the early morning,
  • In order to board the flight you will have to reach Kolkata or Delhi from your origin city,
  • The internal Flight Cost + Flight to Paro + 1 Night Stay in Kolkata/Delhi add up to costing,
  • It is advised - you travel via road, its not all all hectic. 

Distance Chart:-
  • Bagdogra Airport/NJP Station - Phuntsholing - 4 hours drive
  • Phuntsholing - Thimphu - 4/5 hours drive
  • Thimphu - Punakha - 1.5 hours drive
  • Thimphu - Paro - 1 hour drive 

  1. Do not reach Bagdogra/NJP on Fridays/Saturday otherwise you will have to stuck in Phuntsholing for 3 Nights as the Entry Permit offices remains closed on weekends.
  2. Reach between Sunday - Thursday. 
  3. All the permits are arranged by us. 
  4. We are the one stop solution for anything related to Bhutan.
  5. Costing are determined as per your preferred hotel category, vehicle choice, no. of travelers, meal plan (Meals are very expensive in Bhutan)
Day 1 - Pick up from IXB Airport/NJP Station - Drop in Phuntsholing for overnight Stay in hotel.
Day 2 - Drive to Thimphu. overnight Stay in hotel.
Day 3 - Thimphu Sightseeing. overnight Stay in hotel.
Day 4 - Thimphu - Punakha Sightseeing. Later drop at Paro hotel for overnight stay.
Day 5 - Paro Sightseeing with Tiger Nest Trekking.
Day 6 - Drive Back to Phuntsholing for overnight Stay in Hotel.
Day 7 - Drop at IXB Airport/ NJP Station. 

If we reduce the duration - Punakha will not be covered. We remain open for any suggestion. 

What we require as your Travel Agent??
  1. Date of Travel
  2. Duration of Travel
  3. Pick up/Drop Point
  4. Number of Traveler
  5. Meal Plan
  6. Hotel Category
OR SIMPLY CLICK & Submit the Form  : http://www.jaspertrips.in/contact%20us.html

And we will get back to you within 2-3 hours. 

Thursday 22 December 2016

Planning a Trip to Bhutan - Must Read !!

My experience in the”Happiest Country in the World”

Where Joy Resides!!

“If you ask me,” said my friend Phuntso Choden while we were out for a ramble in the lanes and alleys of the picture postcard-pretty capital of Thimphu, Bhutan, “I would say I am happy because I have everything I need.”

 Walking through the quietly bustling streets of Thimphu I am amazed at the happy combination of tradition and modernity that the city displays. It is the most modern city of Bhutan – with restaurants, shopping centres, nightclubs, curio shops and internet cafes. Yet, at the same time, it clings on to its unique cultural heritage and age-old values.

What made the people of this small kingdom so happy, I wondered? Did everyone here think like my chum, Phuntso? Have the Bhutanese found a way around the modern world’s mad rush for fame and fortune? At places, I could see ATM counters – otherwise, a rarity in the country – a sign of the increasing trade and commerce in the land. However, the population of the city did not seem ostentatiously wealthy, on the whole. Like in any other city, there was a mix of social and economic classes.

We were passing though a market – colourful and busy; and most of the people selling there were from the lower rungs of the income ladder. But they have the same calm expression as the rest of the citizens and retained their unhurried tempo amidst all the business conducted at their stalls and around them. Everyone seemed to be suffused with a joy that came from within them, keeping them at peace with the world around them and their fellow men and women. Everyone seemed to have, to paraphrase Phuntso – everything they needed. 

So would you want to spend a few days soaking in the beauty of this hidden kingdom? As an Indian, Bhutan is a destination you can travel to without an Indian passport. For the smoothest experience of this magical land you can get in touch with the agency I contacted in Delhi – Jasper Trips – the specialists in Bhutan Travel. They would take care of everything from your entry to your time of exit, including transfers, hotel stay and food. Trust a dedicated travel agency like Jasper Trips to let you enjoy the serendipity of Bhutan to the fullest.

Standing here at the top of the world, in a tiny country nestled between India, with all its contradictions and chaos, and China with all its grim and simmering discontent, I was convinced I was at the last Shangri-La on earth. I was, indeed, in the Happiest Country in the World.

Disclaimer: This article have been written by Ms. Ramika Batra and not the property of Jasper Trips. Jasper Trips is the Travel Partner. Ramika is a writer and traveler who believe in long stays, and connecting with the people of the places she journeys to.

Friday 13 March 2015

Find Hope, Happiness and pristine wilderness in Bhutan.

Planning Trip to Bhutan, Travel from India to Bhutan with ease, comfort and hassle free. Enjoy great Holiday in Bhutan with Jasper Trips.

The world is forwarding at a great pace to match up the chores of Modernization. People find it awful to get stick to their roots, but not in Bhutan.

A wholly different school of thought exists with a fondness for the heritage. Unlike the rest of the growing world, modernization is restricted here to a great extent & use of tobacco is prohibited.  You cannot find a plastic bag taken in use by the dwellers, yet there is a smile that is perennial upon the beautiful carved facial lines of the inhabitants. Bhutan, small realm of heavenly pleasures lie somewhere in the precincts of rich cultural Indian subcontinent on one side while there are lofty Himalayas on the other.

The values of ancient traditions & the charm of immaculate wildness is preserved with no compromises. People have their content hearts & smiling faces as their wealth. They are calm, simple, convivial & friendly to visitors & extend open arms to welcome them in their region.

The beliefs of Buddhism are the source of spirituality & oneness. In between all this, there is love, hope & delight that is ubiquitous in each & every corner of this small country. In case a modern mind feel trapped in the vicious mundane of worldly chores, this place would serve as nothing less than a holistic retreat. 

Life can be felt differently being there in the peace offered by the avenues or the majestic heights of the mountains or even the essence of Buddhism. In short, this place matches all criteria of being called ‘Heaven on Earth.’